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Mexico - Veracruz Mountain Water Decaf (City+ Roast)

Mexico - Veracruz Mountain Water Decaf (City+ Roast)

Tasting Notes

Medium roasts highlight base flavors of chocolate and cane sugar with hints of orange and plum. A light body with mild acidity.


Farm Notes

Veracruz, nicknamed the “capital of coffee,” is the second-largest coffee-producing state in Mexico. The coastal city, located in the southeast along the Gulf of Mexico, was the gateway for coffee to disseminate throughout the country after the first plants arrived in Mexico in the 18th century from the Caribbean.

 With an elevation of 1,200-1,600 meters, Veracruz is well-suited for Arabica coffee production. The coffee-growing region boasts a warm, semi-humid climate with average rainfall of 2,141mm of rain annually.


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