The Brewing Handbook

Manual Brewing Methods

At Sound Coffee Company, we’re partial to manual brewing methods over automatic brewing methods. Read about what makes manually brewed coffee worth the effort here.

Types of Manual Brewing Methods

Continue reading below to learn about different types of manual brewing methods, or head straight to Blue Bottle Coffee Inc. for more info!

  • Bialetti Moka Pot - The Luxury of Espresso-Style Coffee

    Skip the daily run to Starbucks or the price & maintenance of an espresso machine.

    Simple stovetop steam creates pressure in the lowest chamber of this three-chambered coffee pot, then pushes up through the coffee grounds for elegant and rich results.

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  • Pour Over - Simple Steps, Complex Flavor

    Slow down your morning with this meditative manual brewing method. Observe the bloom of the coffee grounds as they swell around that first pour, experiment with different flow rates and spiral methods, and breathe in the serene steam.

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  • Cold Brew Bottle - Everyone’s Favorite, All Year-Round

    It’s simple: add ground coffee and water, let it sit for eight to twelve hours in the refrigerator, and enjoy neat or on the rocks.

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  • Chemex - Charming and Sophisticated

    Attention to detail and a higher level of commitment to excellence are required for this method, but the reward for yourself and your friends is well with the effort for a delicate, refined cup of coffee.

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  • Aeropress - Defying Gravity

    Enjoy a light and clear coffee flavor with this aerodynamic brewing method.

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  • French Press - Full-Bodied Elegance

    While this brewing method only takes four minutes, the devil is in the details for achieving excellence. Be sure to decant the coffee immediately after brewing to prevent bitterness!

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How Do I Choose the Right Brewing Method?

Rule of Thumb: The tasting notes of the coffee bean should correspond to the brewing method.

For Example:

If the flavor notes on the bag sound like a fruity lemonade, choose a brewing method that will result in a cup of coffee with a thinner, tea-like texture. The light nature of the brew method will highlight the bright, fruitiness of the coffee. 

Conversely, pair rich and deep flavors with a brewing method that will produce a headier, full-bodied cup of coffee with the texture of hot chocolate.

Light & Bright

The AeroPress brew method will highlight the bean flavor with clarity.

Nutty & Milk Chocolatey

A pour over method such as the Chemex will showcase the more subtle flavors of a medium roast coffee.

Dark & Earthy

Use a brewing method that will produce a deep, intense cup of coffee, such as a French Press.